Acquisition of AIB-Vincotte & Partners LLC by Apave International

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AIB-Vincotte International & Partners LLC (AVI) was established its office in 1999 at Oman and since then we have completed 19 years of operations successfully delivering highest quality and safety standards to our esteemed clients in the field of Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Certification Services.

Recently Apave International has acquired AIB-Vincotte International & Partners LLC, and many other branches / companies of ‘Vincotte’ overseas.

About Apave International- For the past 20 years Apave has been working to develop its services on the international market, having operated for 150 years in France. Over 50 branch offices around the world and with 11,000 Professionals, Apave International is providing the Inspection, NDT and Certification Services to various clients successfully.

In view of the above we would like to notify the changes as follows:
Change in Name:
Old Name: AIB-Vincotte International & partners LLC
New Name: Apave Gulf LLC
Staff and Management Team & other resources: Remain the same
Commercial registration number will remain the same.
All Contact telephone number and Fax number will be the same

Contact Email: